Don't expect me to be your friend

Sáng tác: Lobo

[C] [Am] [F] I [C] stopped sending [Dm7] flowers to your a - [C] partment [Dm7]
You [C] said you aren't at [Dm7] home much any [C] more [Dm7]
I [C] stopped dropping [Dm7] by without an ap- [C] pointment [Dm7]
Cause [C] I'd hear laughter [Dm7] coming through your [C] door [Dm7][C][Dm7]

[C] Sometimes late at [Dm7] night you'll still [C] call me [Dm7]
Just [C] before you close [Dm7] your eyes to [C] sleep [Dm7]
You [C] make me vow to [Dm7] try and stop by [C] sometime [Dm7]
But [C] Baby that's a [Dm7] promise I can't [G] keep

[F] I love you [G] too much to [C] ever start [Am] liking you
So [F] lets just let the [Dm7] story kinda [C] end
[F] I love you [G] too much to [C] ever start [Am] liking you
So [F] don't expect for [Dm7] me to be your [C] friend

I don't [C] walk down through the [Dm7] village or other [C] places [Dm7]
That [C] we used to [Dm7] go to all the [C] time [Dm7]
I'm [C] trying to erase [Dm7] you from my me- [C] mory [Dm7]
Cause [C] thinking of [Dm7] you jumbles up my [G] mind [Dm7]

You [C] always act so [Dm7] happy when I see [C] you [Dm7]
You [C] smile that way you [Dm7] take my hand and [C] then [Dm7]
In – [C] troduce me to [Dm7] your latest [C] lover [Dm7]
That's [C] when I feel the [Dm7] walls start crashing [G] in

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