I don't want to miss a thing

Sáng tác: Diane Warren

Verse 1:
I could [D] stay awake [A] just to hear you [Bm] breathin'
Watch you [G ]smile while you are [F#m] sleepin'
while you're far [Em] away [A] dreamin'
I could [D] spend my life [A] in this sweet [Bm] surrender
I could [G] stay lost in this [F#m] moment, [Em] forever
Every moment [F#m] spent, with [G] you is a moment I [A] treasure

[D] I don't want to [A] close my eyes
[Em] I don't want to fall asleep 'cause I'd [G] miss you baby
and I [A] don't want to miss a [D ]thing
'cause even when I [A] dream of you
[Em] the sweetest dream will never do I'd still [G] miss you baby
and I [A] don't want to miss a [D] thing

Verse 2:
Lyin [D] close to you [A] feeling your heart [Bm] beating
and I'm [G] wonderin' what you're [F#m ]dreaming
Wonderin' [Em] if it's me you're [A] seein'
Then I [D] kiss your eyes and [A] thank God we're [Bm] together
I just want to [F#m] stay with [G] you in this moment [A] forever [G] forever and [A] ever

I don't want to [C] miss one smile, I don't want to [G] miss one kiss
I just want to [Bb] be with you right here with you, [F] just like this
I just want to [C] hold you close, feel your heart so [G] close to mine
and just [Dm] stay here in this moment, for all the [E] rest of time

+ Tone ca sĩ:
- Aerosmith [D] 

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