Open arms

Sáng tác: Steve Perry & Jonathan Cain

Intro: [D][A][G][Bm][A][G]

1. [D] Lying beside you, [A] here in the [G] dark,
[Bm] feeling your [A] heartbeat with [G] mine
[D] Softly you whisper, [A] you're so [Bm] sincere
How could our [A] love be so [G] blind
We [Em] sailed on together, we [Bm] drifted apart [A]
and [D] here you [A] are by my [G] side

Chorus: [A] So now I [D] come to you with [F#m] open [D] arms
[G] nothing to hide [Cadd9] believe what I say
So [D] here I am, with [F#m] open arms
[G] Hoping you'll see what your [Cadd9] love means to me, open [D] arms


2. [D] Living without you, [A] living [G] alone,
[Bm] This empty [A] house seems so [G] cold
[D] Wanting to hold you, [A] wanting you [G] near,
[Bm] How much I [A] wanted you [G] home
But [Em] now that you've come back, turned [Bm] night into [A] day
[D] I [A] need you to [G] stay

+ Tone ca sĩ:
- Journey [D]