The way you look tonight

Sáng tác: Jerome Kern & Dorothy Fields

Verse 1
[Dmaj7] Some [Bm7] day, [Em7] when I'm awfully [A7] low
[F#m7] When the world is [Bb7] cold
[Em7] I will feel a [A7] glow just thinking [Dmaj7] of [Bm7] you
[Em7] And the way you [A7] look [Dmaj7] tonight.

Verse 2
Yes you're [Dmaj7] love - [Bm7] ly, [Em7] with your smile so [A7] warm
[F#m7] And your cheeks so [Bb7] soft
[Em7] There is nothing for [A7] me but to [Dmaj7] love [Bm7] you
[Em7] And the way you [A7] look [Dmaj7] tonight

[Fmaj7] With each [Eb7] word your [Gm7] tenderness [C7] grows
[Am7] Tearing my [F#7] fear [Gm7] [C7] apart
[Am7] And that [C#7] laugh [Gm7] that [C7] wrinkles your nose
[Fmaj7] It touches [Eb7] my foolish [Em7] heart. [A7]

Verse 3
[Dmaj7] Love - [Bm7] ly, [Em7] Never, ever [A7] change
[F#m7] Keep that [Bb7] breathless charm
[Em7] Won't you please [A7] arrange it ? 'Cause [Dmaj7] I love [Bm7] you
[Em7] Just the way [A7] you look [Dmaj7] tonight

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- Michael Bublé [Eb] - Frank Sinatra [Eb]