Water and a flame

Sáng tác: Eg White & Daniel Merriweather

[Em] Seven days has gone so [Am] fast
[D] I really thought the pain [G] would pass
[Em] It's been nearly an [Am] hour
Since I thought [B] of [E] you
[Em] But you're not answering [Am] the phone
[D] I'd settle for a busy [G] tone
At [Am] least by that I'd know that [D] you're okay
[Am] A girl like you ain't meant to [D] go away oh

[Bm7] Now youre [Em7] gone, theres [Am] nothing else I [D] want
[Bm7] Now that it's [Em7] over over, theres [Am] nothing else I [D] want
[Bm7] What have I [Em7] done, [Am] looks like I was [D] wrong
[Em] Is everything [Am] really meant to [D] change
[Em] I guess we're like water [Am] and flame, [D] water and [B] flame

[Em] I'm tired of this empty [Am] house
[D] I need a drink to [G] get me out.
[Em] A couple more [Am] til I [B] forget your [E] name.
[Em] I saw a boy that looked [Am] like you
[D] I didn't know quite [G] what to do
[Am] It took a power of will to [D] break my stare
[Am] I realized what I wanted [D] wasn't there

[Em] If you see me [Am] coming
[D] I look away, I look [G] away
[Em] And if your mind is [Am] made up
[D] I look away, I will [G] look away
[Em] If your worry [Am] bound
[D] I'm okay, I'm okay, [G] yes I am
[Em] All this sorrow and [Am] this [D] pain
[B] is going to go away

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- Adele & Daniel Merriweather [Gm] 

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