Video: 連詩雅 Shiga - I'm still loving you (喜愛夜蒲電影主題曲)

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I'm still loving you

b [A] #

[A] When I close my [C#m] eyes I think of [E7] you
And the [C#] times we've had been [F#m] through
Even [D] though we're far a-[E7] part right now

[A] I remember back [C#m] when you were here [E7] with me
How you've [C#] made my world com-[F#m] plete
But [E7] now I'm left a-[A] lone

We talked a-[D] bout love and hope
Wishing we could [C#m] start a life our [F#m] own
I [Bm] wish that I could [E7] live without you

Chorus: Why did you [A] tear my heart a-[Abm] part
You said you'd [C#m] love me from the [A] start
All those [D] painful things you've [C#m] put me through
But [Bm] I'm still loving [E7] you

I've tried to [A] give my best to [Abm] you
I don't de-[C#m] serve the things you [F#m] do
Every-[Bm] thing has gone to [C#m] memories
I just [D] wish I knew the [E7] truth behind the [A] lies

+ Tone ca sĩ:
- Shiga Lin: B - Quỳnh Như: B