Video: New Baccara tone Cm

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Call me up

b [Dm] #

1. You [Am] came to me- a shadow in the [G] night
A [Am] love connection hiding from the [C] light
In [Dm] darkness here again [Am] true agents of the wind
[F] Conspiracy is never out of-never out of [E7] sight

2. [Am] We'll rendezvouz in Paris or L.[G] A
[Am] In secret bars or in midnight [C] cafes
Be-[Dm] neath the velvet moon the [Am] time will pass real soon
[F] Before we part I have to say to [E7] you

Chorus: Call me [Am] up, right a-[Dm] way
I'll do [G] anything you want or [C] say
Secret [Am] love, hidden [Dm] doors
And the [G] night time will become our [Am] day
Let me [C] into your [G] heart promise me that we'll never [Am] part
Only you know that I [Dm] am your under-[Am] co-[Em] ver [Em] love

3. In [Am] gaslight avenues we have our [G] fun
With [Am] Jungle Heat-and tigers on the [C] run
Is [Dm] life too short to play, [Am] the secret agent way
[F] Can lovers on the airways be as [E7] one

+ Tone ca sĩ:
- New Baccara: Cm - Ngọc Hương: C#m