Video: Kenny Rogers (Live) - Lady

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b [Dm] #

1. [Dm] Lady, I'm your [Gm] knight in shining [F] armour and I [Dm] love you
You have [Gm] made me what I am [C] and I am [Dm] yours
And [Dm] my love, there's so [Gm] many ways I [F] want to say I [Dm] love you
Let me [Gm] hold you in my arms [C] forever [Dm] more

You have [Gm] gone and [Am7] made me such a [Dsus4] fool
[Bb] And [Am7] I'm so lost in [Dsus4] your love
And [Gm] all, [Bb] we be-[Am7] long to-[Dsus4] gether
[Bb] Won't you be-[Am7] lieve in my [Dsus4] song [D]?

2. [Dm] Lady, for so [Gm] many years I [F] thought I'd never [Dm] find you
You have [Gm] come into my life [C] and made me [Dm] whole
For-[Dm] ever let me [Gm] wake to see you [F] each and every [Dm] morning
Let me [Gm] hear you whisper soft-[C] ly in my [Dm] ear.

In my [Gm] eyes I see [Am7] no one else but [Dsus4] you
[Bb] There's [Am7] no other love like [Dsus4] our love
And [Gm] yes, [Bb] oh yes, I'll [Am7] always want you [Dsus4] near me
[Bb] I’ve waited for [Am7] your for so [Dsus4] long [D]

* And [Bb] lady, [Am7] your love’s the [F] only love I [C] need [Dm][C]
And be-[Bb] side me [Am7] is where I [F] want [C] too to [Dm] be [C]
’Cause [Bb] my love [Am7] there is something [F] I want [Em] you to [Dm] know [C]
You're the [Bb] love [Am7] of [Gm] my life, [bb] you're my [Dm] lady [Gm][C][Dm]

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