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A whole new world   Sáng tác: Alan Menken & Tim Rice
[D] I can [G] show you the [D] world Shining, [G] shimmering, [Bm] splen-[A] did [Em] Tell me, [F#7] princess, now [Bm] when did You last [G] let your heart de-[D] cide? [D] I can [G] open your [D] eyes…
Ca sĩ thể hiện: Alan Menken & Tim Rice Nhạc Quốc tế
Beauty and the beast   Sáng tác: nhạc Alan Menken, thơ Howard Ashman
Verse 1: [D] Tale as old as [G] time [D] True as it can [A] be [D] Barely even [F#m] friends Then somebody [G] bends Unexpected-[A] ly Verse 2: [D] Just a little [G] change [D] Small to say the…
Ca sĩ thể hiện: Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson, Hồng Nhung Nhạc Quốc tế
I won't say (I'm in love)   Sáng tác: Alan Menken & David Zippel
[C] If there's a prize for rotten [G] judgement [Am] I guess I've already [F] won [G] that [Am] No man is worth the [D7] aggravation [G] That's ancient history, [F] been [G] there, [F] done [G] that! [C] Who'd'…
Ca sĩ thể hiện: Susan Egan Nhạc Quốc tế
Under the sea   Sáng tác: Alan Menken
[C] Da seaweed is [G7] always [C] greener [C] In somebody [G7] else's [C] lake [C] You dream about [G7] going [C] up dere [C] But dat is a [G7] big [C] mistake [F] Just look at da [C] world…
Ca sĩ thể hiện: Alan Menken Nhạc Quốc tế
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