Don't forget to remember me

Sáng tác: Bee Gees | Nhạc Quốc tế | Điệu: Ballade | kynguyen65 | 3772

b [C] #

1. Oh my [C] heart won't be – [G] lieve that you have [C] left me [C7]
I keep [F] telling my self that it's [C] true [G]
I can [C] get over [C7] anything you [F] want my [D7] love
But I [G] can't get my – [G7] self over [C] you

Chorus: [G] Don't for- [C] get to remember me
And the love that used to be [G]
I still remember you [F] I love you [C]
[G] In my heart lies a memory [F] to tell the stars above
Don't for- [C] get to re- [G] member me [C] my love [F][C]-[G]

2. On my [C] wall lies a [G] photograph [C] of you girl
Though I [F] try to forget you [C] somehow [G]
You're the [C] mirror of my soul [C7] so take me [F] out of my [D7] hole
Let me [G] try to go on [G7] living [C] right now

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