I love you baby

Sáng tác: Trish Thùy Trang | Nhạc Quốc tế | Điệu: Slow Ballad | chanhtriqs | 5683

b [A] #

Intro: [D] [Bm] [E] [D] [A] [Bm] [A]

1. When I'm [A] cold and lonesome [Bm] inside
[A] Underneath the heavenly [D] sky
I wish [E] upon a star, no matter [Bm] where you are
However [A] near or far, just to [E] see you tonight

All [A] alone, with nowhere to [Bm] hide
Up [A] above the world oh so [D] high
I hope and [E] pray someday although you're [Bm] far away
That you will [A] feel the same as I [E] do each and every [A] night

I love you [D] baby, I know I [A] always will
As long as [Bm] I live, I will be [E] here for you
And someday [D] maybe, you'll say you love [A] me, too
The way I [E] love you, there's nothing I won't [A] do

2. There's no [A] words to ever [Bm] describe
What I [A] feel I cannot [D] disguise
But you will [E] never know how much I [Bm] love you so
And I will [A] always hold you so [E] dear till the end of [A] time


[D] Above the [E] world oh so [A] high
[D] You sparkle and [E] shine
[D] Alone with [E] nowhere to [A] hide
[D] Oh [E] heavenly [A] sky.

Chorus: X3

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Intro: [D] [Bm] [E] [D] [A] [Bm] [A] 1. When I'm [A] cold and lonesome [Bm] inside [A] Underneath the... 5683

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nam110702 1 năm trước

I love you [F#] baby and if it's [B]quite all right
I need you[G#m] baby to warm your[C#m] lonely night
I [F#m]love you baby [B]trust in me when I[E] say[C#]
Oh pretty [F#]baby don't bring[B] me down I pray
Oh pretty [G#m]baby come on and [C#m]find you stay
And let me [F#m]love you baby let me [D]love you

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