In my life

Sáng tác: The Beatles - năm: 1965 | Nhạc Quốc tế | Điệu: Chưa chọn | piezounghai | 4751

b [A] #

intro [A][F#m][A7][D][Dm][A]

There are [A] places I'll [F#m] remember [A7]
All my [D] life [Dm] though [A] some have changed
Some [A] forever not for [F#m] better [A7]
Some have [D] gone [Dm] and [A] some remain

All these [F#m] places have their [D] moments
With [G] lovers and friends I [A] still can recall
Some are [F#m] dead and some are [B7] living
In [Dm] my life I've [A] loved them all

But of [A] all these friends and [F#m] lovers [A7]
There is [D] no [Dm] one [A] compares with you
And these [A] memories lose their [F#m] meaning [A7]
When I [D] think of [Dm] love as [A] something new

Though I [F#m] know I'll never lose [D] affection
For [G] people and things that [A] went before
I [F#m7] know I'll often stop and think [B7] about them
In [Dm] my life I [A] love you more

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