Sáng tác: Eric Clapton & Jim Gordon - năm: 1970 | Nhạc Quốc tế | Điệu: Blues | kynguyen65 | 3825

b [E] #

1. [C#m] What'll you do when you get [G#7] lonely
[C#m] And nobody's [C] waiting [D] by your [E] side? [E7]
[F#m] You've been [B7] unning and [E] hiding much too [A] long.
[F#m] You know it's [B7] just your foolish [E] pride.

Chorus: [Am] Lay-[Dm] la, [Bb] you've [C] got me on my [Dm] knees.
[Am] Lay-[Dm] la, [Bb] I'm [C] begging, darling [Dm] please.
[Am] Lay-[Dm] la, [Bb] [C] darling won't you [Dm] ease my [Am] worried [Dm] mind [Bb][C]

2. [C#m] I tried to give you conso-[G#7] lation
[C#m] When your old [C] man had [D] let you [E] down [E7]
[F#m] Like a [B7] fool, I [E] fell in love with [A] you,
[F#m] Turned my [B] whole world upside [E] down

3. [C#m] Let's make the best of the situ-[G#7] ation
[C#m] Before I [C] inally [D] go in-[E] sane [E7]
[F#m] Please, don't [B7] say, we'll [E] never find a [A] way
[F#m] An' tell me [B7] all my love's in [E] vain

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