All is one

Sáng tác: Alan Taylor | Nhạc Quốc tế | Điệu: Chưa chọn | solestyles | 2689

b [Am] #

1. One frozen [Am] smile , one dying [Em] fall
One crooked [Am] mile , one Wailing [Em] Wall
One broken [F] vow [Dm] , divides the [Am] few
Too late some [F] how [Em] to make a [Am] new

One bird in [Am] spring, come summer [Em] soon
Young lovers [Am] sing a simple [Em] tune
Too young to [F] know [Dm] how dreams are [Am] brief
And come to [F] fall , [Em] one autumn [Am] leaf

Chorus: One final [Dm] dance [E7] unites us [Am] all
One grand ro-[Dm] mance [E7] before we [Am] fall
One stands a-[Dm] lone [G] when all is [C] gone
[F] When one is [Dm] all [E7] and all is [Am] one

2. One river [Am] flows, one endless [Em] sea
One never [Am] knows how it should [Em] be
One hopeless [F] love [Dm], one more lost [Am] cause
One velvet [F] glove [Em] to close the [Am] doors

One backward [Am] glance, one fare-thee-[Em] well
One more [Am] chance in a wishing [Em] well
One helpless [F] call [Dm], one road too [Am] far
We lose it [F] all, [Em] for what we [Am] are

3. One grain of [Am] sand, one falling [Em] star
One crippled [Am] hand, one old gui-[Em] tar
One tune will [F] end [Dm] one song be-[Am] gins
We fly a-[F] gain [Em] on broken [Am] wings

One traitor's [Am] kiss, one twisted [Em] knife
One night of [Am] bliss, one wasted [Em] life
One final [F] hour [Dm], one second [Am] more
One faded [F] flower [Em] thrown to the [Am] floor

4. One letter [Am] burned, one memory [Em] lost
One gift re-[Am] turned, one lover [Em] crossed
One open [F] wound [Dm] one bleeding [C] heart
One comes a-[F] round , [Em] one plaays the [Am] part

One life is [Am] short, one cannot [Em] stay
One must de-[Am] part, one fades a-[Em] way
One runs the [F] course [Dm] one tries in [C] vain
One shows re-[F] morse [Em] and tries a-[Am] gain

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1. One frozen [Am] smile , one dying [Em] fall One crooked [Am] mile , one Wailing [Em] Wall One... 2689

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