Butterfly fly away

Sáng tác: Glen Ballard & Alan Silvestri - năm: 2009 | Nhạc Quốc tế | Điệu: Chưa chọn | kynguyen65 | 4412

b [A] #

You [A] tuck me in, turn [E6] out the light
[F#m] keep me safe and [C#m] sound at night
[A] little girls [F#m] depend on things like [E6] that

[A] Brush my teeth and [E6] combed my hair
[F#m] had to drive me [C#m] everywhere
[A] you were always [F#m] there when I looked [E6] back

You [A] had to do it [E6] all alone
Make a [F#m] live, make a [C#m] home
[A] Must have been as [F#m] hard as it could [E6] be

And when I [A] couldn't sleep at [E6] night
Scare things [F#m] wouldn't turn out [C#m] right
you would [A] hold my hand [F#m] and sing to [E6] me

Chorus: [A] Caterpillar in the [E6] tree, how [F#m] you wonder [C#m] who you'll be
[A] can't go far but [F#m] you can always [E6] dream
[A] Wish you may and [E6] wish you mine
[F#m] don't you worry [C#m] hold on tight.
I [A] promise you [F#m] there will come a [E6] day
[A] Butterfly [E6] Fly [A] Away

[A] Butterfly [E6] Fly [F#m] Away (butterfly fly away)
[A] Catch your [E6] wing now you cant [F#m] stay
[C#m] Take those dreams and make [F#m] them all come [E6] true
[A] Butterfly [E6] Fly [F#m] Away (butterfly fly away)
[A] We been [E6] waiting for [F#m] this day
[C#m] All along and [F#m] know just what to [E6] do

[A] [E6] [F#m] Butterfly,Butterfly,Butterfly,
[A] Butterfly [E6] Fly [A] Away

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You [A] tuck me in, turn [E6] out the light [F#m] keep me safe and [C#m] sound at night [A]... 4412

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