Sáng tác: Glenn Frey & Don Henley - năm: 1973 | Nhạc Quốc tế | Điệu: Chưa chọn | intrepid | 4073

b [G] #

Despera-[G]do, [G7] why don't you [C] come to your [Cm] senses?
You been [G] out ridin' [Em] fences for [A7] so long [D7] now
Oh, you're a [G] hard one I know that you [C] got your reasons
These [G] things that are [Em] pleasin' you
Can [A7] hurt you [D7] some-[G]how

Don' you [Em] draw the queen of -[Bm] diamonds, boy
She'll [C] beat you if she's [G] able
You know the [Em] queen of heats is [C] always your best [G] bet

Now it [Em] seems to me, some [Bm] fine things
Have been [C] laid upon your [G] table
But you [Em] only want the [A7] ones that you can't [D] get

Despera-[G]do, [G7] oh, you ain't [C] gettin' no [Cm] youger
Your [G] pain and your [Em] hunger, they're [A7] drivin' you [D7] home
And [G] freedom, oh freedom well, that's just some people [C] talkin'
Your [G] prison is [Em] walking through this [A7] world [D7] all [G] alone

Don't your [Em] feet get cold in the [Bm] winter time?
The [C] sky won't snow and the [G] sun won't shine
It's [Em] hard to tell the night [C] time from the [G] day
You're [Em] loosin' all your [Bm] highs and lows
Ain't it [C] funny how the [G] feeling goes [Am] away? [D]

Despera-[G]do, [G7] why don't you [C] come to your [Cm] senses?
Come [G] down from your [Em] fences, [A7] open the [D7] gate
It may be [G] rainin', but there's a [C] rainbow above you
You better [G] let somebody [Em] love you
[A7] Before it's [D] too [G] late

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