First love (Never dies)

Sáng tác: Boyfriends | Nhạc Quốc tế | Điệu: Chưa chọn | kynguyen65 | 206

b [G] #

Intro; [G] [Em] [Bb] [C] [D]

1. [G] I tried to live without you
[C/G] Though I find it hard to [G] do
I [G] thought of [Bm] yesterday
How [C] sweet the love we [C] shared [Bm]
[Am] And I just can't [Bm] forget you
'Cause [C] first love never [D] dies

2. [G] Now I'm alone without you
Don't [C/G] know what I'm gonna [G] do
You've [G] been a part of [Bm] me
I'm [C] lost without your [C] love [Bm]
[Am] I need you badly [Bm] baby
I'm [C] down here on my [D] knees [D7]

Chorus: First [G] love [Em] never [Am] dies
I [D] just wanna [Bm] say [Em] that I still [Am] love [D7] you
First [G] love [Em] never [Am] dies
[D] Through the years that [Bm] come and [Em] go
I [Am] still will [D7] say I love [G] you

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