Funny little world

Sáng tác: Alexander Rybak | Nhạc Quốc tế | Điệu: Chưa chọn | kynguyen65 | 1924

b [G] #

Verse 1:
[G] Suddenly I'm [Em] famous
And [Am] people know my [D] name
I've got a [G] thousand girls just [Em] waiting
And [C] therefore it's a [D] shame
That [Em] my heart has been [D] captured
By your [C] funny little [D] smile
And [G] finally I'm [Em] happy
If [Am] only for a [D] while

[G] People call me [Em] stupid
For [Am] treating you like a [D] queen
But [G] I don't even [Em] worry
'Cause [C] you're my [D] unforeseen
And I [Em] hope that you'll be [D] with me
If [C] only in my [D] dreams.
But [G] here you are next [Em] to me
And you're [Am] glad, or so it [D] seems

And [G] I don't [D] know for [C] sure
Where [D] this is going
[G] Still I [D] hope for [C] more, and [D] more
'Cause [G] who would [D] know that [C] you
Would [D] treat me like a [G] boy
And I [C] treat you like a [D] girl
In this funny little [G] world

Verse 2:
Don't [G] promise me for [Em] ever
Just [Am] love me day by [D] day
[G] No one knows the [Em] future
We're [C] young, but that's [D] OK
'Cause you'll [Em] always be a [D] part of me
[C] Whatever life will [D] bring
And [G] people have to [Em] bear with you
This [Am] silly song I [D] sing

Your [G] boyfriends might be [Em] angry
My [Am] girlfriends might be [D] blue
But [G] no one can [Em] deny it
From [C] now on I love [D] you
I [Em] have to say it's [D] new to me
This [C] feeling in my [D] heart
Guess [G] I've been kind of [Em] lonely
And [Am] you've been kind of [D] smart

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