If you were gone

Sáng tác: Henning Sommerro & Alexander Rybak - năm: 1977 | Nhạc Quốc tế | Điệu: Chưa chọn | huy631997 | 1132

b [Am] #

Verse 1 :
If you were [Am] gone the [F] moon would [G] loose it's [Am] brightness
[Em] Without your [Am] smile [F] the finch will [G] sing no [C] more
And once in a [Dm] while some [G] waves would [F] said with [Em] sadness
[Am] Remembering to [D] lovers the [E] walking by the [Am] shore

Verse 2 :
If you were [Am] gone the [F] days would [G] all be [Am] pointless
[Em] And in the [Am] night I'll [F] sing the [G] song so [C] blue
A song about [Dm] spring and [G] every [F] happy [Em] moment
[Am] When I had [D] all the [E] time alone with [Am] you

Chorus :
But your right [Dm] here and [G] nothing could be [C] better
[Am] So take my [Dm] hand and [G] stay with me to [C] dawn
[Am] And while the [Dm] wind is [G] playing with your [Em] sweater
[Am] I an't [D] imagine [E] life if you were [Am] gone

Verse 3 :
If you were [Am] gone the [F] world would [G] lose it's [Am] meaning
[Em] Without your [Am] love how [F] could I [G] smile [C] again
And though the [Dm] sun would [G] always [F] keep on [Em] shining
[Am] I'd never [D] shine with-[E] out my dearest [Am] friend

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