I dreamed a dream ( Les Misérables)

Sáng tác: Claude-Michel Schönberg - năm: 1980 | Nhạc Quốc tế | Điệu: Chưa chọn | kynguyen65 | 6999

b [C] #

Verse 1
[C] I dreamed a dream in time gone [Am] by [C]
[F] When hope was high, and life worth [Dm7] living [C]
[G] I dreamed that love would never [Am7] die [C]
[F] I dreamed that God would be [Dm7] forgiving [G]

[C] Then I was young and [Am] unafraid [C]
[F] And dreams were made and used and [Dm7] wasted [G6]
[C] There was no ransom to be [Am7] paid [C]
[F] No song unsung, no wine [Dm7] untasted [G]

Verse 2
[A] But the tigers come at [Dm] night
[A] With their [A7] voices soft as [D] thunder
[G] As they tear your hope [Cm] apart
[G] And they turn your dream to [C] shame [Dm] [Em] [F] [G]

Verse 3
[C] He slept a summer by my [Am] side [C]
[F] He filled my days with endless [Dm7] wonder [G6]
[C] He took my childhood in his [Am7] [C] stride
[F] But he was [G6] gone when autumn [C] came [G] [Gm6] [A]

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[D] And still I dream he'll come to [Bm7] me [D]
[G] That we will live the years [Em7] together [A]
[D] But there are dreams that cannot [Bm7] be [D]
[G] And there are storms we cannot [Em7] weather [A] [D]

Verse 5
[Bm7] I had a [D] dream my life would [G] be
[Em7] So different [G] from this [A] hell I'm [D] living
So different [D] now from what it [Bm7] seemed [D]
[G] Now life has [A] killed the dream I [D] dreamed

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Bài hát cùng thể loại
1. Người [Em] đi lìa xa quê cũ lòng nghe đau [G] xót Ngước mắt nhìn mái tranh nghèo [B7]... 12165
Intro: [Gm] [Bb] [Dm] [Cm] [Gm] x 2 1. As the [Bb] sun lights the [Fm] velvet summer [Dm] sky... 4056
Verse 1: My [F] bonnie is [Bb] over the [Dm] ocean My [F] bonnie is [G] over the [C7] sea... 2716
Intro: [Dm][Am]-[Bb][C][Dm]-[Dm][F]-[Bb][C][Dm] [Dm][Am]-[Bb][C][F]-[Gm][Am]-[Bb][C][Dm] 1. 伤痛我背 [Dm] Shang tong wo [Am] bei 我也是无所谓 [Bb] Wo ye [C] shi wu suo [F]... 3527
Intro: [Gm][Dm] - [Gm][Dm] - [Gm][Dm] - [Gm][Dm] [Eb][F][Gm] - [Eb][F][Gm] - [Eb][F][Gm] - [Eb][F][Gm] 1. Wǒ [Gm] shí cháng... 2371
Bài hát cùng tác giả
Verse 1 [C] I dreamed a dream in time gone [Am] by [C] [F] When hope was high, and life... 6999

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