If I ain't got you

Sáng tác: Alicia Keys - năm: 2004 | Nhạc Quốc tế | Điệu: Chưa chọn | kynguyen65 | 6595

b [G] #

Intro: [C7][Bm7][Am7][G7]–[G7][Am7][Bm7]-[C7][Bm7][Am7][G7]

[Am7][G7] Some people live for the [Em7] fortune
[Am7] Some people live just for the [C]/[D] fame
[G7] Some people live for the [Ab] power, yeah
[Am7] Some people live just to [C]/[D] play the game
[G7] Some people [Am7] think that the [Bm7] physical [Am7] things
[G7] Define [Am7] what's with- [Bm7] in [C7][Bm7][Am7]
And [G7] I've been there [Am7] before
But [Bm7] that life's a bore [Am7]
[G7] So full of the [Am7] superficial [Bm7]

Some people [C7] want it all
But I don't want [Bm7] nothing at all
If it ain't [Am7] you baby
If I ain't got [G7] you baby
Some [Am7] people want di- [C7] amond rings
Some just want [Bm7] everything
But everything [Bbm7] means [Am7] nothing
If I ain't got [G7] you, Yeah.

[Am7][G7] Some people search for a [Em7] fountain
[Am7] That promises forever [C]/[D] young
[G7] Some people need three dozen [Ab] roses
[Am7] And that's the only way to prove you [C]/[D]love them
[G7] Hand me the [Am7] world on a [Bm7]silver plat- [Am7] ter
And [G7] what good [Am7] would it [Bm7] be [C7][Bm7][Am7]
With [G7] no one to [Am7] share
With [Bm7] no one who [Am7] truly [G7] cares [Am] for [Bm7] me

Repeat chorus twice --------------

[C7] If I [Bm7] ain't got you with me [Am7] baby [G7]
[Am7] So no- [Bm7] thing in this [C7] whole wide world don't mean a [Bm7] thing
If I ain't got you [Bbm7] with me [Am7] ba- [G7] by

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bài hát hay....toàn hợp âm mầu khó chơi quá...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUsfmRRsNgI

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