In the morning

Sáng tác: Bee Gees | Nhạc Quốc tế | Điệu: Chưa chọn | kynguyen65 | 4180

b [G] #

1. In the [G] morning when the [C] moon is at it's [G] rest,
You will see me at the [C] time I love the [G] best
Watching [Am] rainbows play on [Bm] sunlight,
Pools of [Am] water iced from [Bm] cold night
In the [Am] morning [C] 'tis the morning of my [D7] life

2. In the [G] daytime I will [C] meet you as [G] before.
You will find me waiting [C] by the ocean [G] floor,
Building [Am] castles in the [Bm] shifting sands
In a [Am] world that no one [Bm] understands,
In the [Am] morning [C] 'tis the morning of my [D7] life
[C] 'tis the morning of my [G] life

Chorus: In the [G] morning of my [Am] life
The [C] minutes take so [D] long to drift [G] away
Please be [G] patient with your [Am] life
It's only [C] morning and you're [D] still to live your [G] day

3. In the [G] evening I will [C] fly you to the [G] moon
To the [G] top right hand corner of the [C] ceiling in my [G] room
Where I'll [Am] stay until the [Bm] sun shines
Another [Am] day to swing on [Bm] clothes lines
May I be [Am] yawning
[C] It is the morning of my [D] life
It is the [C] morning of my [G] life

[G] In the morning … In the morning …. In the [G] morning

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