One love

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b [Em] #

1. It's kinda [Am] funny how life can [Em] change
Can flip [Am] 180 in a matter of [Em] days
Sometimes love [Am] works in mysterious [Em] ways
One day you [Am] wake up gone without a [D] trace

I re- [Am] fused to give [D] up, I re- [Em] fused to give in
[Am] You're my every- [Em] thing, I don't [Am] wanna give [D] up
I don't [Em] wanna give in, oh no, [Am] Everybody [D] sings

One [C] love - for the [D] mother's pride
One [Em] love - for the [D] times we cried
One [C] love - gotta [D] stay alive, [Em] I will [D] survive
One [C] love - for the [D] city streets
One [Em] love - for the [D] hip-hop beats
One [C] love, Oh I do believe
[D] One love is all we need

2. Late at [Am] night I'm still wide a-[Em] wake
Feel this [Am] is far more than I can [Em] take
I thought my [Am] heart could never [Em] break
Now I know [Am] that's one big mis- [D] take

*** Repeat bridge & chorus

Baby, just [G] love me love me [Em] love me
Baby, just [G] hold me hold me [Em] hold me
Oh, [G] love me love me [Em] love me, Oooh

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1. It's kinda [Am] funny how life can [Em] change Can flip [Am] 180 in a matter of [Em] days... 6443

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