I have a dream

Sáng tác: Abba | Nhạc Quốc tế | Điệu: Chưa chọn | cobedanau | 13336

b [Bb] #

I [Bb] have a [F7] dream, a song to [Bb] sing
To help me [F7] cope with any [Bb] thing
If you see the [F] wonder [F7] of a fairy [Bb] tale
You can take the [F] future [F7] even if you [Bb] fail

I believe in [F7] angels
Something good in [Eb] everything I [Bb] see
I believe in [F7] angels
When I know the [Eb] time is right for [Bb] me
(I'll cross the [F7] stream, I have a [Bb] dream)
I'll cross the [F7] stream, I have a [Bb] dream

I have a [F7] dream, a [Bb] fantasy
To help me [F7] through [Bb] reality
And my desti –[F] nation [F7] makes it worth the [Bb] while
IPushing through the [F] darkness [F7] still another [Bb] mile

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