The winner takes it all

Sáng tác: Abba - năm: 1980 | Nhạc Quốc tế | Điệu: Slow | kynguyen65 | 17365

b [C] #

I don’t wanna [F] talk about the things we’ve [C] gone through
Though it’s hurting [Gm] me, now it’s histo- [C] ry
I’ve played all my [F] cards and that’s what you’ve [C] done too
Nothing more to [Gm] say, no more ace to [C] play
The winner [F] takes it all the loser [Dm7] standing small
Beside the [Gm] victory that’s her [C] destiny

I was in your [F] arms thinking I be [C] longed there
I figured it made [Gm] sense building me a [C] fence
Building me a [F] home thinking I’d be [C] strong there
But I was a [Gm] fool playing by the [C] rules

The gods may [F] throw a dice, their minds as [Dm7] cold as ice
And someone [Gm] way down here loses someone [C] dear
The winner [F] takes it all, the loser [Dm7] has to fall
it’s simple [Gm] and it’s plain, why should I com- [C] plain

But tell me does she [F] kiss, like I used to [C] kiss you
Does it feel the [Gm] same, when she calls [C] your name
Somewhere deep [F] inside, you must know I [C] miss you
But what can I [Gm] say, rules must be [C] obeyed

The judges will [F] decide, the likes of [Dm7] me abide
Spectators [Gm] of the show, always staying [C] low
The game is [F] on again, a lover [Dm7] or a friend
A big thing [G] or a small, the winner takes it [C] all

I don’t wanna [F] talk, if it makes you [C] feel sad
And I under- [Gm] stand, you’ve come to shake my [C] hand
I apolo- [F] gize, if it makes you [C] feel bad
Seeing me so [Gm] tense, no self-confi –[C] dence

But you see, the winner [F] takes it all [Dm7] the winner [Gm] takes it all

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