One of us

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b [G] #

1. [G] They passed me [Gmaj7] by [Bm] all of those great ro-[Em] mances.
[C] You were I [Bm] felt robbing me of my [C] rightful [D7] chances
[G] My picture [Gmaj7] clear, [Bm] everything seemed so [Em] easy
[C] And so I [Bm] dealt you the blow, one of [Em] us had to go
[Am] Now it's different, [Am7] I want you to [D7] know

One of us is [G] crying, one of us is [Em] lying [Em7] in her lonely [C] bed
[A] Staring at the [D] ceiling, [C] wishing she was [D] somewhere else [G] instead
[D] One of us is [G] lonely, one of us is [Em] only [Em7] waiting for a [C] call. [Am]
Sorry for [A7] herself, feeling [G] stupid, feeling small
[Am] wishing she had never left at [D7] all (never left at [G] all)

2. [G] I saw my-[Gmaj7] self [Bm] as a concealed at-[Em] traction
[C] I felt you [Bm] kept me away from the [C] heat and the [D7] action
[G] Just like a [Gmaj7] child, [Bm] stubborn and miscon-[Em] ceiving
[C] That's how I [Bm] started the show, one of [Em] us had to go
[Am] Now I've changed and [Am7] I want you to [D7] know

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