Sáng tác: Gary Baker & Frank J. Myers - năm: 1993 | Nhạc Quốc tế | Điệu: Ballade | kynguyen65 | 12066

b [C] #

Intro: [C] I swear by the [Am7] moon and the [F] stars in the [G] sky
And [C] I swear like the [Am] shadow that's [Dm7] by your [G] side

1. [C] I see the [G] questions in your [C] eyes
I know what's [G] weighing on your [Am] mind
But you can be [G] sure I [F] know my [Dm7] part
'Cause [C] I'll stand be- [G] side you through the [C] years
You'll only [G] cry those happy [Am] tears
And though I'll [C] make mistakes
I'll never [Dm7] break your [G] heart

Chorus: And [C] I swear
By the [Am7] moon and the [F] stars in the [G] sky. I'll be there
[C] I swear like the [Am] shadow that's [Dm7] by your [G] side. I'll be there
For [Dm7] better or [F] worse, till [Em7] death do us [G] part
I'll [Dm7] love you with every [F] beat of my [G] heart
[C] I swear [Am7] - [Em7] - [Dm7] – [G] - [C]

2. I'll give you [G] ev'ry thing I [C] can
I'll build your [G] dreams with these two [Am] hands
And we'll hang some [F] memo- [Dm7] ries on the [G] walls
[C] And when just the [A] two of us are [C] there
You won't have to [G] ask if I still [Am] care
'Cause as time turns the [C] page
My [D] love won't [Dm7] age at [G] all

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Bài hát cùng thể loại
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[Am] On a dark desert highway, [E] cool wind in my hair [G] Warm smell of colitas [D] rising up... 145913
Bài hát cùng tác giả
Intro: [C] I swear by the [Am7] moon and the [F] stars in the [G] sky And [C] I swear... 12066

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