Romance de amour

Sáng tác: nhạc Narciso Yepes, thơ Josh Awang Jirawat - năm: 1927 | Nhạc Quốc tế | Điệu: Chưa chọn | nguyễn xuân thơ | 471

b [Em] #

1. [Em] This beats [Em] believing, I'm [Em] falling for [Em] someone
My [Em] heart has [E7] been taken from [Am] right under my [Am] eyes
Cos she [B7] is the one that [B7] I've always [Em] dreamed of and her [B7] beauty
I [B7] long for The [Em] light in my [Em] dreams.

2. [Em] You bring the [Em] sunlight, when [Em] you smile at [Em] me
And [Em] the whispers [E7] of your words, they [Am] give life to [Am] me
I'm at [B7] ransom for your [B7] touch and [Em] you're my [B7] perfection
The [B7] breath that [B7] completes me My [Em] life's [Em] mystery

Chorus :
[E] All of the wonders the [B7] world's ever [B7] seen
Doesn't [B7] come even close to the [E] one so pristine
I am [E] lost in the [E7] comfort of your [A] sweet caresses
My [E] journey's completed now [B7] that you are [E] mine.

[E] You are the promised one [B7] I've waited [B7] for
I have [B7] seen you in my dreams In my [E] arms before
Like a [E] flower that [E7] waits. For the [A] raindrops of [A] heaven
I've [E] finally found heaven. The [B7] day I found [E] you.

3. [Em] Come now the [Em] future is ours to [Em] make
Take my [Em] hand… Stay by [E7] me… Oh for [Am] now and [Am] always
You'll be [B7] mine, I am [B7] yours, we'll [Em] be on our sweet [B7] journey
Where the [B7] sun never sets [B7] and where [Em] love never [Em] dies

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1. [Em] This beats [Em] believing, I'm [Em] falling for [Em] someone My [Em] heart has [E7] been taken from... 471

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