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b [A] #

1. I've known her [A] since we both were kids
[D] I recall the silly things we [A] did
[D] She would want to ride upon my [A] back
[E] To keep from stepping on a [A] crack

2. I didn't [A] think of it back then
[D] But even when she did not [A] win
[D] She was happy just to [A] play
[E] Stoney liked to live out every [A] day

Chorus: [A] Stoney, [D] happy all the [A] time
Stoney, [E] life is summer time
[A] The joy you find in [D] living every [A] day
Stoney, how I [E] love your simple [A] ways

3. The times when [A] no one understood
[D] Seems that Stoney always [A] would
[D] We'd walk for hours in the [A] sand
[E] She would always try and hold my [A] hand

4. Now, I don't re- [A] collect the time
[D] I fell in love with this old friend of [A] mine
[D] Or when I first saw in her [A] eyes
[E] What she tried so not to [A] hide

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Bài hát cùng tác giả
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1. When I saw you standing [G] there I about fell off my [Am] chair When you moved your mouth... 35806
1. I've known her [A] since we both were kids [D] I recall the silly things we [A] did [D]... 6533
Intro [C][F][C] x 2 [C] 1. The dirty rain is falling I hear the wind calling me a- [F] way... 5735
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